Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-951

Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-951

Designed with round shape but strong sharp lines, ZS-951 is finished to fulfill motocross riders basics requirements with high safety level. Made of strengthening ABS and top comfortable inner liner, its multiple features will delight motocross helmet users. 

Material : ABS
Certification : ECE, DOT, NBR, AS
Size : XS-XL
Weight : 1430±50g

To provide a super cool and comfortable interior, ZS-951 is designed with multiple intakes and exhaust vents. It allows the airflow to works perfectly with the helmet EPS and inner liner. Its front is finished with a molded boost guard for a superior performance.
Rear Exhaust Vents
Top Vents

ZS-951 has elongated chin and visor dimensions to provide the rider extra protection when wearing goggles and allow unhindered airflow during the physical exertion. ZS-951 is designed with a great visual field which allows goggles to be attached to on it for a better protection. 
Wide Field of Vision

ZS-951's inner liners are made of moisture-wicking comfort material and good quality foam to provide great fitting and excellent wearing comfort for the riders.
Anti-Allergic and Bacterial Liner
Anti-Odor Liner
Breathable Mesh Fabric
Removeable and Washable Liner

ZS-951 is equipped with an adjustable and removable peak that is not only good for deflecting branches but also flying rocks and debris. It's designed with a comfortable and visual bottom trim to upgrade the helmet protection and its smooth visual curves. 
Ultra Light Weighted
Adjustable Peak
Removable Peak