Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-381C

Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-381C

ZS-381C is mixed design between a Jet and Open-Face. Its retro look, great fitting, and multiple features combine perfectly with the necessities that every motorcyclist needs and desires.

Material : ABS
Certification : ECE, DOT, NBR, CNS, AS
Size : XS-2XL
Weight : 1280±50g

Upgrading to the maximum comfort without losing its characteristic vintage style, ZS-381C is designed with one front vent and two exhaust vents to help with heat dissipation and coolness inside the helmet.
Rear Exhaust Vents
Top Vents

ZS-381C's shape has 3 snap buttons to attach peak or visor. Its shape is lightly defined with aerodynamic lines improving its wind pressure and income airflow.
Removable Peak
3 Snap Buttons

ZS-381C inner liner is made of breathable mesh fabric which provides perfect fitting and comfort. It can be removed and washed.
Anti-Allergic and Bacterial Liner
Anti-Odor Liner
Breathable Mesh Fabric
Removeable and Washable Liner

Breaking away from the conventional Open Faces, ZS-381C is equipped with highly durable sun visor to protect users from eye-straining.
UV400 Protection
Sun Visor