Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-3300

Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-3300

Designed with a classic round shape and simple lines, ZS-3300 is made of ABS material and specially molded with a big shell for big sizes.  Its numerous features, including sun visor and comfortable inner liner, makes ZS-3300 the best option for touring motorcycle users.

Material : ABS
Certification : DOT, CNS
Size : XS-3XL
Weight : 1600±50g

ZS-3300 ventilation system is designed in combination with its EPS air channels to have effective air circulation and heat dissipation from inside. Its ventilation mechanism is user-friendly providing top convenience and comfort.
ZEUS Cooling System
EPS Air Channel
Chin Vent
Rear Exhaust Vents
Top Vents

With stable open mechanism, quick release visor and chin bar, ZS-3300 not only increase the user's line-of-sight when on the raised position, but it also lessens the user's fatigue and maintains the balance of the helmet. Its chin guard has a secure detent at the fully open position, so it stays in place when the helmet is flipped-up.
Stable Opening Mechanism
Chin Bar
Quick Release Visor

ZS-3300 is equipped with top quality liners which can be removed and cleaned. The liners provide perfect fitting and overwhelming wearing comfort for the rider. Including breath deflector which directs incoming airflow upward to the visor in order to defog it.
Anti-Allergic and Bacterial Liner
Anti-Odor Liner
Breath Deflector
Breathable Mesh Fabric
Removeable and Washable Liner

With double visor system, ZS-3300 sun visor and outer visor provide UV 400 which prevent the riders from eye-straining and skin damage. It's designed with a special noise-isolating feature to provide the quietest motorcycle riding experience. 
Anti-Scratch Coating Visor
PC visor
UV400 Protection
Sun Visor
Noise Reduction