Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-1800B

Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-1800B

For the most exigent rider, ZS-1800B version comes with sun-visor, quick release visor and shield lock. It is specially designed for professional and amateur racers, providing high performance, stability and perfect fitting. The ZS-1800B is available in fiberglass, bi-composite and in full-carbon.

Material : Full-Carbon, Fiberglass
Certification : ECE, DOT, JIS, NBR
Size : XS-XL
Full-Carbon Weight : XS-L: 1380±50g and, XL: 1430±50g
Fiberglass Weight : XS-L: 1530±50g; XL: 1580±50g
No. of Shells : 2 Shells

The ZEUS Cooling System was inspired by racers and designed for ultimate racing condition. Thanks for the six front vents, the air flow passes through the upfront vents, which are aligned with deep air channels in the EPS, and end up in huge exhaust rear vents close to the adjustable spoiler, providing a unique cooling effect. 
The ventilation mechanism is meant also to prevent raindrops, dust, insects and rocks to penetrate the helmet.
EPS Air Channel
Chin Vent
Rear Exhaust Vents
Top Vents
ZEUS Cooling System

Ultimately for racing, the  ZS-1800B has 2D visor, an 8 degree wider field of upper vision. The spring-loaded visor system associated with the Visor Lock, which seals the visor from noise and prevents the water and air from getting into the helmet. 
Tested in air tunnel, the Adjustable Rear Spoiler strengthens aerodynamics effect, stabilizing the helmet under high speed and strong wind pressure.
Ear Plate Visor Lock
Adjustable Rear Spoiler
Neck Rubber Trim
Visor Rubber Trim
Spring Loaded Visor Mechanism
2D Visor

The inner padding is equipped with 5 pieces of inner liners which are made of breathable textiles, good at moisturize, anti-allergic and anti-odor fabric. In addition, the inner liner is also removable and washable, and made of reinforced thick padding, which decreases the vibration under extreme conditions.  Included emergency puller which allows the cheek pads to be removed in only one pull.
Emergency Puller
Breath Deflector
Chin Bar
Reinforced Thick Paddings
Anti-Allergic and Bacterial Liner
Anti-Odor Liner
5 Piece-Liner
Removeable and Washable Liner

ZS-1800B has double visor provides protection UV 400 in both visors, which prevents the eye-straining and skin damage. In addition, its polycarbonate visor is equipped with a lock, quick release, anti-scratch technology and incredibly resistant to impacts, providing an upgraded protection for the rider.
The Multiple Density EPS not just increases the impact absorption capability but also makes possible for it to be very light in comparison to other models.
Thanks to the Adjustable Rear Spoiler, the rider can adjust the angle to its necessity, decreasing the muscle distress and improving the performance.
Adjustable Rear Spoiler
Quick Release Visor
PC visor
Double density EPS
Anti-Scratch Coating Visor
Ear Plate Visor Lock
Sun Visor
UV400 Protection