Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-1300

Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-1300

Designed for touring purposes, the ZS-1300 is prepared to receive earphone Bluetooth system. It has comfortable leather lining and quick release mechanism, built-in sun visor and bigger shell.

Material : Full-Carbon and Fiberglass
Certification : ECE, DOT, JIS, NBR
Size : XS-XL
Weight : Fiberflass: 1630±50g / Carbon: 1330±50g

ZS-1300 is designed with a classic and effective ventilation system. The top vents are covered with a fine silver net to block rocks or insects from entering the helmet. Fine chin vent allows more air flow and defogs the visor more efficiently. The rear vent can be closed to prevent water from licking it.
Chin Vent
Rear Exhaust Vents
Top Vents
ZEUS Cooling System
EPS Air Channel

Spring-loaded mechanism altogether with the robber trim around the external visor provides great airtightness that prevents water and wind from getting into the helmet and reduce the noise. The visor lock mechanism fixes the visor at the right place and prevents the visor from flipping up at high-speed. In order to have a stable performance, Its aerodynamics was tested in the wind tunnel and achieving the high ZEUS standards.
Spring Loaded Visor Mechanism
Ear Plate Visor Lock
Rear Spoiler

The liner of ZS-1300 is well-designed with excellent quality inner paddings and liners.It is equipped with 5 pieces of removable inner liners which are made from breathable mesh fabric with high permeability. Its suspended top liner enables great cooling effect. 3D cheek pads provide comfort and fitting for riders.
Anti-Allergic and Bacterial Liner
Anti-Odor Liner
Suspended Top Liner
Breath Deflector
Chin Bar
Breathable Mesh Fabric
3D Cheek Pads
5 Piece-Liner
Removeable and Washable Liner

ZS-1300 is equipped with anti-scratching coating double visor providing double UV 400 protection. To higher safety, the outer visor is specially designed with visor security lock. In addition, its includes spring-loaded mechanism and visor rubber trim which seal off the visor. Included emergency puller which allows the cheek pads to be removed with only one pull.
Earphone Bluetooth System Ready
Black EPS
Emergency Puller
Anti-Scratch Coating Visor
PC visor
UV400 Protection
Sun Visor