Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-1200E

Spesifikasi Zeus ZS-1200E

ZS-1200E is the first carbon helmet produced by ZEUS. After several years of optimization, ZEUS finally presents a breakthrough helmet combines smooth streamline, delicate features and light-weighted with strengthening material.
With great performance, ZS-1200E makes you ride with style and safety.

Material : Full-Carbon and Fiberglass
Certification : ECE, DOT, JIS, NBR
Size : XS-XL
Weight : Fiberglass: 1580±50g / Carbon: 1330±50g

ZS-1200E ventilation mechanism is delicately designed to provide the best friendly-use top fresh coverage inside the helmets. The ZEUS Cooling System, located around the helmet improves airflow along your head while keeps the visor from fogging up.
Chin Vent
Lower Rear Exhaust Vent
Rear Exhaust Vents
Top Vents
ZEUS Cooling System

ZS-1200E rear vent is perfectly designed to follow the greatest aerodynamic performance. The quick release visor mechanism enables the rider to change and clean the visor easily. Included visor lock mechanism to protect the rider from visor flipping at high-speed riding.
Ear Plate Visor Lock
Quick Release Visor
Rear Spoiler

ZS-1200E is equipped with 5 pieces of removable and washable inner liners made of breathable mesh fabric with high permeability and anti-bacterial. The interior design is a top comfortable and safety suspension liner giving more space and providing more cool air inside the helmet without losing protection. 3D cheek pads upgrade the wearing and fitting to the maximum comfort.
Anti-Allergic and Bacterial Liner
Anti-Odor Liner
Chin Bar
Breath Deflector
3D Cheek Pads
Breathable Mesh Fabric
5 Piece-Liner
Removeable and Washable Liner

ZS-1200E is designed with UV 400 double visor protection. Its sun visor mechanism in an elegant button style form combines perfectly with the helmet technique and joyful features.
Designed with glasses groove in the padding, makes it easy for glasses-wearers to put on their glasses
User-Friendly Glasses
Anti-Scratch Coating Visor
PC visor
UV400 Protection
Sun Visor