Arai Helmet's FCS (Facial Contour System)

FCS (Facial Contour System)
Comfort and secure fitting that is well accepted among Formula 1 drivers. Key obtain a stable fit at speeds over 300km/h speed, is to hold the helmet at the lower jawbone, not on the cheek. Second key factor is the inside configuration of the EPS liner, which closely matches the human head shape.
The FCS construction is made up of a flexible base plate along the shape of the cheek with elastic foam that acts like a spring behind this plate offering comfort from underside. This system offers comfort and stability, even against head-on wind at high speed cruising because it supports and holds the helmet on the lower jawbone.
Besides, this flexible structure makes it much easier to put the helmet on and off.
FCS will also lengthen the lifespan of the helmet. Most common helmets need adjusting when used for a certain time. Some may even fit loose around the occipital region of head. Arai models with FCS keep the helmet angle positioned along the lower part of the jaw. Therefore the helmet position doesn’t need to be adjusted after a longer period of use. Arai helmets with FCS are entirely fitted securely on the head through the lower part of the helmet, without losing fit around the occipital region of the head.

Photo and Source : @arai_indonesia

Arai Tour Cross-3 Glass Black
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